Emergency Contacts:

If you smell gas or hear a detector  or alarm going off; get out of the house and call 911.


For All repairs (emergency or routine): 

Call Mark at (920) 410-8261.  

If no answer, and you have a PLUMBING EMERGENCY: First, shut off the water (water main shut-off valve is usually located in basement coming out of the floor near the front of the house).  

If this is an EMERGENCY and you cannot get ahold of your landlord,  call Brian (920) 420-7253, or Melissa (920) 420-7251

Caution: If you call an EMERGENCY ONLY number and your situation is not an emergency, you may be held responsible for some or all of the costs incurred.

Our usual and ordinary helpers / tradesmen are:

Plumbing:  Mr. Frank (920) 410-2467

Electrical:  JP Electric: (920) 420-9461

Heating: Better Home Heating (920) 733-2161 or (920) 231-5990

Exterminator:  4 Brothers Pest-control (920) 279-5652